About me

Hi, thanks for checking out my site!  My name is Renee Wesbrooks.  I raised my children in Katy, and we recently downsized and moved to Orchard, Texas. My son, Reid, lives in Katy and my daughter and her new hubby live in Katy also.  Haley has a great on line boutique called Sassafras.  Check it out at!

I love to try new things that get my creative juices flowing. I'm working on adding more items to our Well mix like soap and aroma beads!  I love to sew, quilt and re-purpose furniture, too! I started taking yoga at Bikram Hot Yoga on Westheimer last October.  I absolutely love it and try to make it three times a week!

I started making candles two years ago.  I've always loved burning them so I taught myself how to make them and now I'M HOOKED!!!

At church I saw a great testimonial about some people who went on a mission trip with Living Water International, and I loved that they provided clean water wells to countries that are in need.  Not only do they provide the water they need so desperately, but during the time spent in the community they teach the children and share the word of God.  How awesome is that?

I recently resigned from a life of full time work and am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a new pace of a SLOWER lifestyle!  God is good!

I went to Guatemala in July with Living Water International to work at a well site and to work with women and children in the area about hygiene.  It was an amazing trip and the children were so thankful and kind!

For more info about Living Water International, check out their website at

July 2018 trip to Guatemala!

July 2018 trip to Guatemala!